Indigorobot Services, Securing your business for the future


Indigorobot Services, LLC is a Small Business based in Orlando, Florida, principally engaged in lowering technology costs (do more without more) and increasing technology efficiency (smaller, lighter, faster) for Department of Defense, Federal Government, Commercial and Educational organizations world-wide. We perform anything from prototyping/research and development to systems integration and enterprise-level data center automation and migrations.

What We Do

By developing and utilizing modern efficient technologies, our solutions are smaller, lighter, faster (they do more while costing less) and green (they greatly reduce power consumption and heat). Our solutions range from embedded purpose-focused devices to global cloud-based solutions capable of handling millions of requests.

 Cloud Computing The Cloud

Whether you're looking for an internet or intranet cloud, we can provide the right solution for your needs. Our cloud-based products are fast and responsive, available world-wide, and are scalable to grow as your needs grow, including load-balanced solutions. All of our solutions utilize high-grade encryption and strict adherence to DoD Information Assurance standards.

 Going Green Green

Previous and existing systems were not focused on energy savings. With modern advances in technology, heavy-duty systems do not mean heavy-duty energy costs. By replacing inefficient legacy systems with modern compact, cooler, and more efficient systems, your power consumption and climate control costs drastically diminish. This not only saves you money, but can greatly reduce your carbon impact.

 Embedded SystemsEmbedded Systems

Never has technology been more powerful in smaller and more compact systems than today. Systems that were previously locked into only 8-bit applications are now open to up to 64-bit with little or no impact on footprint or power consumption. This provides the availability of far more complex applications in this fast-moving modern world. Our embedded products are streamlined, rugged, and flexible with their environment, including the most dangerous environments (ie, waterproof, desert, or other extreme situations).

 Cloud Computing Training

We realize that long-term cost-effectiveness may involve using your local staff to maintain a new product. That is why we offer training to provide you the flexibility of system operation, maintenance, and extension with your own staff.

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